With a musical career spanning multiple genres, these are Elise’s major album releases. They are presented here as samples of each track - they are available to stream and download in full in the members area or for purchase on this page. Join today for full access to current and future releases. (BONUS: the members area includes a free download of a brand new track from the soon be be released album ‘Saqaara Rising’)

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Saqaara Rising

by Elise Lebec

Inspired by the culture and mysticism of Egypt, this album presents a new fabric of rich and inspiring melodies, instrumentation and vocals by rising star Elise Lebec. Presented here are samples of the music to come. Further samples and a a free full track is available for download in the Members Area.

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by Elise Lebec


Under the same blazing Saqqaran sun that drenched the warrior deity of antiquity 5000 years ago, this musical citizen of the world had experienced the start of what has become a spiritual illumination… an epiphany which compelled her to embark on an intuitive, cross-cultural musical journey of discovery, deep creative expression, and a calling to use it as a vehicle for bringing disparate cultures together.

ORIGIN is the collection of the work inspired by this enlightenment that began in the Fall of 2016. An amalgam of exotic Upper Egyptian traditional instruments, distinctive vocals, and contemporary production techniques, ORIGIN comprises a transcendent bridge between contrasting worlds. As my Egyptian friends heard the incredible music, the vision blossomed...there is so much mutual misunderstanding about our cultures, and the music reveals the bigger truth of what we can be, and how to return to balance. That is how the One World Turning Project was born.

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by Elise Lebec

Sample tracks

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Possible Dreams

by Elise Lebec
Origin, digital download
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