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A persona played by composer, vocalist and pianist Elise Lebec. Elise has been a successful player in the New Age genre for many years, but it was during a trip to Egypt in 2016 that she was set on a new path. It was an experience that inspired her to reset her artistic expression and embark on a project with the aim of inspiring peaceful conversation between the Middle East and the West. Her first cross continental collaboration resulted in the the album 'Origin: One World Turning Project v1'. On the album, she brought together 36 musicians, including programmers, rappers, upper Egyptian instrumentalists, drummers and strings from the USA and Egypt into musical conversation with each other. The results speak for themselves.

In the pursuit of a second album, again produced primarily in Cairo, she found herself drawn further and further into islamic culture. It was from here that she relaunched herself as the artist Saqaara. Due to complete in May 2018 her new work 'Saqaara Rising' takes the listener on a deeper journey into the world of egyptian culture, but remains true to the project's mission - to bring musicians from east and west together to converse in peace. Clips from the new album can be heard in the video teasers below.

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by Elise Lebec | Saqaara