For Your Consideration in the 60th Grammy® Awards


Origin - one world turning project: Vol 1 


Best World Album
Best Recording Package
'SUFI DANCE' - Contemporary Christian Music Performance
'BOLERO' - Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocal


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'SILVER MEDAL WINNER' - Global Music Awards, July 2017

WINNER, Akademia Award; 'SUFI DANCE' - Best Song Christian and Gospel, July 2017

NOMINATED for June HMMA Award 2017

Thank you for taking the time to explore Origin - One World Turning Project:Volume 1. We hope you enjoy the journey!

ORIGIN was composed and executive produced by Elise Lebec, who began recording in Cairo, Egypt in 2016. Ancient instruments, expertly played by local traditional musicians under her direction include lute, dulcimer, oud, ancient flutes, Upper Egyptian tablas, and an assortment of handmade drums and percussion. Several Egyptian singers including the very famous Sheikh Mamoud El Tahomy and Arabic rappers were also included, to round out the project’s vivid authenticity. The resultant sessions were then sent back to Los Angeles to four time Grammy Award-winning Producer/Engineer Dave Way. He in turn brought in one of Prince’s programmers, Eric Nest, who applied Western song forms to the myriad tracks from Cairo resulting in musical “beds” onto which a variety of Western instruments were overdubbed.  These include over 35 passionate musicians playing violin (most of which were played by Shadowfax’s Grammy Award winning violinist Charlie Bisharat), electric violins, cellos, alto sax, pedal steel guitar, Hammond organ, background vocals and, of course, Elise Lebec’s own lead vocals.

“I just love the way music brings people together,” she says. “As a composer, hearing music I have never heard before is like trying a new dish that tastes amazing, as if a whole new world is opening! Just when I think there’s nothing else to learn or explore, I realize that I haven’t even scratched the surface of a Life Experience. To me, Music is an all-encompassing form of intimate expression. And what better force is there to bring divergent peoples together? That is the essence of this ORIGIN project!" - Elise Lebec  

REVIEWS of Origin

"...from where I sit, Origin may well be one of the most important albums of the decade. It’s also brilliantly conceived and a startlingly creative piece of work... Origin is one of the most amazing listening experiences I have had in my 20 years of music reviewing. I consider myself blessed to have heard it."
Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter, [Full Review]
"It never fails; When talented artists work on an inspired project, the result is always amazing. Elise Lebec’s One World Turning Project is a musical journey in space and time, connecting both cultures and history. It has a message of hope and understanding. It makes «Origin» into one of 2017’s finest New Age music releases."
BT Fasmer - [Full Review]
"A masterfully crafted effort from an unquestionably versatile composer, Origin takes the listener on an unforgettable experience of sacred magic and soulful mystique that seemingly reawakens a long-forgotten era in the distant past. A top-notch world fusion album sure to appeal to many fans of the genre"
Candice Michelle, Journeyscape Radio [Full Review]
"I give Elise and her musical collaborators a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a perfect “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… which means that the album gets a “PICK” for “most powerful and diverse album"
Dick Metcalf, Editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
"It flows like the Nile through the tombs of World Music. Energizing the imagination, waking the tombs of yet undiscovered ivory manipulation techniques and conquers the mediocrity in the music industries current crusades. Lebec is the Siren of the Desert Sun in 2017. An incredible quest to the past in sound and arrangements."
Karl Stober