...this projects the kind of POWER seldom witnessed today… not only will you be impressed, I can almost guarantee that you’ll be ready to hit the PURCHASE button during the first few bars!”
— Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews.



One World Turning

Under the same blazing Saqqaran sun that drenched the warrior deity of antiquity 5000 years ago, this musical citizen of the world had experienced the start of what has become a spiritual illumination… an epiphany which compelled her to embark on an intuitive, cross-cultural musical journey of discovery, deep creative expression, and a calling to use it as a vehicle for bringing disparate cultures together.

ORIGIN is the collection of the work inspired by this enlightenment that began in the Fall of 2016. An amalgam of exotic Upper Egyptian traditional instruments, distinctive vocals, and contemporary production techniques, ORIGIN comprises a transcendent bridge between contrasting worlds. As my Egyptian friends heard the incredible music, the vision blossomed...there is so much mutual misunderstanding about our cultures, and the music reveals the bigger truth of what we can be, and how to return to balance. That is how the One World Turning Project was born. 


“It’s an expression of human kindness,” says Lebec of the release; “…the intention to bring the beauty of diverse cultures together via fresh combinations of Arabic & western instruments. We have built a harmonious narrative merging the millennia of Egyptian music with elements and forms of modern popular music to help exemplify that we are all related beings of planet Earth; one extended family turning in our respective orbits around the Sun.”