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The Final touches for "The Sum Total Of Our Memory" directed by Barbara Klutinis

As we move into the final mix for this film I get to reflect on all the music I composed for it over the course of two years. Barbara the director, is a great person and easy to work with. I like working with Barbara because she comes from the real aspect of film making to tell a story or to work out a personal issue. I think most great films are made to get a larger viewpoint on a subject that is bothersome and/or inspiring.

I think the music for this film turned out to be beautiful and not too mushy, which is good. There are moments where you get to truly reflect on the subject matter in a different way than most films. Barbara uses abstract imagery to convey what it must feel like to be someone with Alzheimer's. The music in these scenes takes you into that imagery and lets you wander about without leading you too much. All in all I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

Next, I am doing the sound efx for another indie film about the Wyoming Cowboys. I do like the variety of my job!

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