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Elise Lebec is one of the few visionaries along the female composers in today’s current independent music circuit. An artist, pianist and writer, she excels in the “outside the manual” technique when it comes to sculpting compositions. Morphing the emotions of her concepts along with the intelligence of the music sheet, she allows the listener to embrace the meaning of the piece to a highly personal level mentally.


"Her intricate compositions are meditative, yet stimulating to the ear, poignant as well as provocative."
- RJ Lannan


"The composing talent, the ease with which she plays with others, the delicate control of shading, nuance, tone, and the sheer beauty of each piece, all combine into a statement of soulful maturity, emotional depth, and artistic integrity that many performers would be lucky to achieve..."
- Bill Binkerman, Wind and Wire


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Heart Song

Possible Dreams

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